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  • How do I sign up for a class?
    From our website, click on the Book Now menu link. Create an account and complete the Billing Information section From the Term classes tab, find your class Click Sign Up Now and checkout If you have any special promos to claim, please write to us at before booking as we may need to apply these discounts manually
  • Admin fees are chargeable for class changes
    Administrative fees of $20 are chargeable if you make any changes to your current class, or you need to change your class level. Please consider the appropriate level for you before booking into class. For queries on levels, please email to check your level.
  • Can I withdraw from classes due to medical reasons?
    All classes are strictly final & non-refundable once booked. Please consider your current commitments and health before booking any classes. DIVA also reserves the right to change or cancel a class up to and including the date of the course if insufficient bookings have been received. In the event of a class or course being canceled or rescheduled, every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience by offering alternative dates, times or venues, and DIVA credits will be given for any classes affected if the new timings are not suitable for you. If you are injured or deemed medically unfit for class, you may request to be withdrawn from your classes via email. This must be accompanied by a medical certificate and/or doctor's letter certifying that you will not be able to exercise for at least 2 weeks. TCM, Physio or other alternative healthcare provider letters will not be accepted. Please submit this as soon as possible, as we have varying percentages for refunds. Refunds for medical injuries will also be given in the form of DIVA credits. For health-related issues, or postponement, please email to and the Studio will review your request at its absolute discretion. Please take the time to review our Refund Policy.
  • Drop-in class bookings
    Drop-in classes are available for all our Flex & Co and Trickster classes. You may book them on our website under the Drop-In class tab or using the MINDBODY app, or simply, call/email us to check for availability and make payment at the counter 10 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  • Missing class
    DIVA does not practice pro-rating any classes you have missed for commitment or health-related issues. You may makeup for any missed classes within the same term subject to availability and check our DIVAS FB group for availability. Makeup for missed classes follows these guidelines: Mini Terms may be made up with any mini term or full term class Full term classes may be made up classes of the same value or below. Workshops are single drop in classes and no make up class is available
  • Diva is an all inclusive safe space
    DIVA is a safe-space for all dancers, and all our level, heels and exotic dance are open-gender classes. We are a no-hate, LQBTQ+ friendly space. Please respect all your fellow dancers and humans within our premises. Diva Von Tease is our only female-only class due to the sensitive nature of class content.
  • Please be polite to staff and other students at all times
    DIVA reserves the right to remove students from the premises if you do not demonstrate respect to fellow students and staff
  • On arrival
    Please remove shoes and place them in the cubby prior to entering any of our studios including the reception area Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your class starts to allow time for you to sign in, change attire, or prepare for class Late entry into class after warm-up is not allowed for your own safety, unless you have a valid reason or you have informed your instructor and received their consent Missing a class does not entitle you to any discount for the class. You may make-up for your class by asking our DIVAs FB group if there are any students missing a class, or want to swap places with you. Make-up slots are not guaranteed.
  • Please clean your poles before and after classes
    Bring a small towel with you to clean the pole. Alcohol sprays for cleaning are available inside every DIVA studio
  • Please do not bring food and drink into our studio
    Bringing your own water is acceptable and is also sold at our reception desk
  • No outside footwear in the studio
    Dancing in heels in our classes is not compulsory, even though you may find that it may be necessary in some genre of classes to dance in heels. Please ensure that if you are to wear heels for our classes, you do not use them as outside shoes for hygiene purposes.
  • Respect other students' privacy
    While we encourage you to record videos for your own purposes, if another person is caught in your video, do kindly blur their face, or ask for permission prior to posting on any platform. Inappropriate videoing of others or taking videos of others without permission is an offense under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.
  • Respecting DIVA instructors and their choreographies
    Our Instructors put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to bring their choreographies to you. Please do not teach our choreographies or combos to others outside of your class for your own safety, as well as respecting the creative process of our choreographers. Please do not video our instructors unless permission is granted and given. If permission is given, please do not circulate the video and keep it strictly to yourself. If you choose to upload the full choreography online, please remind others not to learn from your videos <3
  • Ask for help if you need it
    Please inform your instructor about any injuries or if you are feeling uncomfortable during class so that we may provide an alternative for your safety If you need to change your pole from static to spinny or otherwise and you do not know how, please call for help and someone will assist you. Do not attempt to do it on your own if you do not know how.
  • Studio's right to refuse service
    DIVA reserves the right to turn away or exclude any individual from the premises and all platforms without giving any reason for doing so, without notice and with immediate effect if there are any conduct or behavior-related concerns which may be harmful to the interests or safety of DIVA, our students or staff, or if the Studio is of the opinion that the individual concerned is not suitable for continued patronage of the Studio. All decisions of the Studio in this regard is final and binding. Refunds for incomplete or unattended classes will not be provided in such instances, without exception.
  • Consent to be recorded
    Sometimes, our DIVA instructors may take photographs, video or audio recordings during class or practice sessions for marketing purposes. We will, however, ask everyone involved for consent. If you do not wish to be in the photo or video, do let us know and we will avoid including you.
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