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Pole Tricks

Work and refine to nail your Intermediate level tricks from your routine syllabus and then some! Perhaps spotted a new move on IG and wondering if you can give it a try? If yes, then this class is for you!!


Tricks Fundamentals

Beginners Open Level

Want to focus on nailing that invert? 

Our DIVA technical instructors will coach you through invert drills and gaining proficiency in: lifting and not kicking into inverts, ankle grab and other beautiful combos. This class is necessary to safely advance to the next level in your pole dancing world. You will absolutely love it!

Tricks Intermediate

Intermediate Level (Passed Diva 1 or Tricks Fundamentals)

Tricks intermediate will cover tricks from Diva 2 to Diva 3. It is a great complementary class to your level classes as this class has no choreography and will focus on conditionings and techniques.


Tricks Signatures: Ayesha, Handsprings and Deadlifts

Advanced Level (Passed Diva 3)

This is where it gets serious. For the ultimate Advance level Tricks chasers looking to perfect those tricky moves in Lyrical 2 or DIVA 5. Clean up your pole flow combos, aerial tricks, and transitions with focus on technicality and proficiency for every move, focus on using the pole for twirls, climbs, inversions, holds, transitions, prep exercises, core and pole work. Our technical instructors will help you troubleshoot that nemesis move!

Pole Tricks: Services
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