Trial Classes

WARNING: We cannot guarantee that you will not be ADDICTED

Your inner DIVA has led you to us and you're about to embark onto new chapter in your fitness journey!







This Beginner Pole level introduces students to the world of pole where we will go over basic terminology, safety, and techniques, followed by learning a few fun moves. You absolutely do not need any experience, be thin or have brute strength! Come as you are & love the inner beauty in you!

So, you've been wondering what DIVA von TEASE is all about? Come find out at a Striptease trial session on to learn how to perform a jaw dropping lap dance for your lover!  You will feel super sexy and confident rocking out your new dance moves! Perfect for newbie Teasers!

You’ve minimally completed a beginner pole course and you’re looking to expand your pole repertoire to other genres. Drop by and join us for this EXO Trial before committing to a full-term course!

Apply no cream, oils, moisturizers on the day of your Beginner DIVA Pole Trial session. Wear yoga shorts and a sports bra/sleeveless top.