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Genre Classes

Variety is the spice of life

Pole dancing is about so much more than technique and tricks. We teach an array of dance genres, there's truly something for everyone!

Genre classes: Service

Diva von Tease

Learn how to perform a jaw dropping lap dance for your lover that will leave them gulping. Master the art of sultry seduction, flirt with your eyes, lips and hips! Move with ease in our fun routines and keep them wanting more!


Open level class



You've watched and saved 500 Insta and Youtube videos on Exotic Pole Dance and now you're ready to take that class but where do you begin?


In our EXO classes, you will learn how to move around static pole with grace and the technique to execute all the turns and pirouettes perfectly!


BB EXO - Open level, completed BB Diva

EXO Plus - Completed BB EXO or equivalent



The word lyrical conjures an image of slow or fluid dance style. But in fact, lyrical dance often uses emotionally charged music selections to evoke those expressive emotions. The routine will involve flowy pole shapes, pretty combos, floor work and basic dance elements and are designed to help you improve co-ordination, gracefulness and balance.


In Lyrical 2 we will work with more complicated transitions & sweeping rolls on and off the pole, with dance combinations from ground swirling upwards, handstands and emotive choreography.


Lyrical 1 - Open level, completed BB Diva

Lyrical 2 - Passed Diva 3 or equivalent



Come groove with Von as she brings you through the catchy and popular tunes of Mandopop in her signature style.  Dance the night away to songs ranging from slow ballads to heart pumping fast tunes!


Mandopole 1 - Open level, completed BB Diva

Mandopole 2 - Passed Diva 1 or equivalent

Genre classes: Services
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