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PIRTS Night!

Introducing a groundbreaking and daring event that pushes boundaries and celebrates the art of sensual performance – the inaugural Amateur Stripper Competition, proudly presented by Diva Pole Academy. Stepping into uncharted territory, this competition promises to be an evening of empowerment, confidence, and uninhibited self-expression, as individuals take the stage to showcase their talents and redefine the perception of sensuality.

This competition transcends stereotypes and challenges norms, inviting participants to craft choreographed routines that weave together dance, sensuality, and storytelling. From sultry movements to tantalizing floorwork, each performance is an invitation into the performer's personal narrative and artistic expression. The artistry of the routines lies in their ability to evoke emotion, captivate the audience, and redefine sensuality as an empowering form of self-ownership.

Diva Pole Academy's first Amateur Stripper Competition embraces vulnerability and celebrates the uninhibited exploration of sensuality. The atmosphere is one of acceptance, where every participant is celebrated for their courage to step onto the stage and share their authentic selves. The academy's commitment to empowerment ensures that performers feel supported, respected, and celebrated for embracing their unique journey.

Renowned and respected judges, including seasoned performers, choreographers, and advocates of body positivity, will grace the event. Their discerning eyes will recognize technical prowess, creativity, and the ability to convey emotion through dance. Awards will acknowledge not only exceptional performances but also innovation, storytelling, and the embodiment of the academy's inclusive values.

As the spotlight illuminates the stage of the Amateur Stripper Competition, Diva Pole Academy invites you to be part of a groundbreaking experience that challenges preconceptions and promotes authentic self-expression. Join us for a night of electrifying performances, inspiring stories, and a shared celebration of the diverse and empowering world of sensual dance.

Ticket Prices 

VIP Ticket - $50 (chair seating)

Early Bird - $30 (ended)

Standard Ticket - $35

At The Door - $40

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