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Level Classes

BB Diva

This Beginner Pole level introduces students to the world of the pole where we will carefully share basic terminology, safety, and techniques, followed by learning numerous fun pole moves in a super fun routine.

Pre-requisite: None! Please come with shorts and a sports bra


Diva 1

Now you're ready to climb higher! Take your tricks and spins to a new level exploring and venturing into inversions, more pretty tricks, and holds bonding with your new love and partner - your pole with a pole routine and make hanging upside down your new favourite pastime!

Pre-Requisites: Fireman Spin, Pole-Sit, Spin-Climb, Cradle

Diva 2

Improve your flow, learn how to style and this class will drill intermediate level floor work sequences and pole tricks so that each DIVA feels confident in their abilities to move on and off the pole more comfortably in a full routine.

Pre-Requisites: Comfortable with ankle grab invert and chopper inverts from the ground. Must be able to Handstand Stag with ease


Diva 3

Much of this class is off the ground so you're get stronger & sexier with a dance routine. Don’t rush through tricks just to tick-boxes, and don’t try to get ahead of yourself by trying tricks before your body is properly conditioned and with the right techniques!

Pre-Requisites: Comfortable with aerial inverts and leg hangs (both outside & inside) on both sides. Must be able to do a Handstand stag and straddle with ease

Diva 4

Build on your Inversion Repertoire with Extended Butterfly, Shoulder Mounts & more! An extension to learning more tricks and combos at this level ensuring you build endurance and stamina for a routine.

Pre-Requisites: Must be able to aerial invert, perform leg hangs on both sides with ease, Brass-Monkey, and cup grip shoulder-mount (on both sides)


Diva 5

SCORE! A for Advanced. You are now defying all laws of gravity and moving with flow and enjoying performing a routine executing tricks that you once never thought you were able to do.

By Invitation Only.

Email into to check your level

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