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Term 2 Playlist

TERM 2 - 4 MAR TO 28 APR

WEEK 1-4 - 4 MAR TO 31 MAR

WEEK 5-8 - 1 APR TO 28 APR


Week 8 Timetable
Performance Days Program

BB Diva

One choreography per week

Choreographer: Nikki

Diva 1

Dip It Low by Christina Milan

Choreographer: Nikki

Diva 2

Little Girl Gone by Chinchilla

Choreographer: Ileane

Diva 3

Fly by Nicki Minaj & Rihanna

Choreographer: Aareen

Diva 4

Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

Choreorapher: Ileane

Diva 5

Never Tear Us Apart by Bishop Briggs

Choreographer: Von

Diva von Tease

Good For You by Selena Gomez Ft A$ap Rocky

Choreographer: Aareen

Diva Star 
Week 1 -4 - Irina Erokho

Week 5-8 - Madam Polina

Week 1 -4 - Bad Romance by Nisha & Kill Dave

Week 5-8 - Bounce by Timbaland Ft Dr Dre, Missy Elliot & Justin Timberlake

Exo 1 Wk1-4

Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

Choreographer: Kayla 

Exo 1 Wk5-7

Joke's On You by Charlotte Lawrence

Choreographer: Ileane

Exo 2 Wk1-4

Inferno by Bella Poarch

Choreographer: Ileane

Exo 2 Wk5-7

Bilie Eilish by Armani White 

Choreographer: Kayla

Lyrical 1 & 2

Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Choreographer: Jeannie

Mandopole 1 & 2

洋葱 BY Aska Yang

Choreographer: Simin

Seasonal Mini Terms Wk 1-4

Sensual Lyrical - Take A Bow by Madonna (Choreographer: Von)

Floorplay - Unholy - Slowed + Reverb by Vallvete, Eyerose & Melodyz Town (Choreographer: Claudia Renee)

Divalicious - Thong Song by Sisqo (Choreographer:  Nikki)

Diva Grooves - Ladies Night by Atomic Kitten, Kool & The Gang (Choreographer: Von)

Exo Throwback - Baby One More Time by The Marias (Choreographer: Subby)


Seasonal Mini Terms Wk 5-8

Strxpper Pole -  Moonlight by Kalis Uchis (Choreographer: Von)

Tangotic - El Tango De Roxanne by Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (Choreographer: Von)

Diva Grooves - The Devil Wears Lace (Choreographer: Von)

Heel Classique - One choreography per week (Choreographer: Von)

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