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Dark Flow Exo Workshop @ Studio D

by kayla

Trust - Sophie Lowe

Class Timings:
15 June Sat - 2.15 PM - 3.15 PM
17 June Mon - 5.55 - 6.55PM


Pre-requisites: D1 and above


Haunted - Stwo ft. Sevdaliza

That's right! We are bringing back yet another Diva Star favourite choreographed by Daphne Lux. Dance your heart out to this hauntingly beautiful routine by Daphne. 


A routine that is a combination of beauty, grace and strength, challenge yourselves and find that goddess in you.

Class Timings:
12 June Wed - 7.55PM - 9.25PM
19 June Wed - 7.55PM - 9.25PM

26 June Wed - 7.55PM - 9.25PM

Pre-requisites: D1 and above 


Create a deeper connection between mind and body through a combination of meditative poses and a dynamic flow sequence.

Class Timings:
16 June Sun - 12.05PM - 1.05PM



All levels welcome

Attire: Activewear

Art of Persuasion - Alina Baraz


Class Timings:
30 June Sun - 2.00PM - 3.00PM


Pre-requisites: Completed EXO 1, or confident beginners

(Variations will be provided!)

Attire: Kneepads required, heels optional

说散就散 - JC 陈咏彤
Layer your movement and expression in our upcoming Mandopole Workshop! Master low pole tricks, floorwork flow, and explore how to integrate a balloon - a prop with a mind of its own - to add a unique dynamic to your performance 🎈 


Class Timings:
30 June Sun - 4.00 PM - 5.30PM

Pre-requisites: D1 and above 

Attire: Oversized button down shirt. Balloons will be provided. 

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