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Term 6 Playlist

24 October to 18 December

BB Diva

Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

Choreo: Von

Diva 1

At My Worst (feat Kehlani) by Pink Sweat$

Choreo: Beka

Diva 2

6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd) by Beyonce

Choreo: Amor

Diva 3

We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez

Choreo: Von

Diva 4

Running Up That Hill by Baltic House Orchestra

Choreo: Molly

Diva 5

Don't Speak by No Doubt

Choreo: Von

Diva von Tease 1

Like It's Christmas by Jonas Brothers

Choreo: Molly

Lyrical 1

Reflection (2020) by Christina Aguilera

Choreo: Amor

Lyrical 2

L-O-V-E by JJ Heller

Choreo: Mia

Mandopole 1 & 2

突然好想你 by Mayday

Choreo: Mia & Von

Diva Star - Renan

Streets by Doja Cat

PoleStrap Open & Adv

Chandelier by Sia

Choreo: Xtina & Molly

Mini Terms Wk 1-4

BB EXO - Young and Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version) by Lana Del Rey (Beka)

EXO Plus - Do You Hear Me by Ilkan Gunuc  (Von)

Mando EXO - 来自天堂的魔鬼 by G.E.M (Beka)

Twerk It! - Dripeesha by Todrick Hall & Tiffany Haddish (Xtina)

Mini Terms Wk 5-7

BB EXO - Toxic by Britney Spears (Xtina)

EXO Plus - Mount Everest by Labrinth (Julz)

Mando Oriental - 菊花台 by Jay Chou (Mia)

Sensual Floorplay - Girls Need Love by Summer Walker (Julz)

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