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Private Class FAQ and T&C

Take lessons at your own pace with the instructor of your choice

Terms and Conditions

1. All private classes have a 24-hour cancellation notice. Cancellation within 24 hours will forfeit the class.
2. Private classes for current term choreography can only be booked in from Week 4 of the term. Past terms choreography can be booked in as per normal private class bookings.
3. All private classes are capped at 4 pax. If you would like to plan a class for 5 pax and beyond, please write in to
4. Strictly no extensions for validity. Please consider your personal, work and health commitments before purchasing the class.
5. Validity begins from the date of purchase.
6. Studio and instructor booking slots are only confirmed upon payment.
7. Student discounts are not applicable for private lessons.
8. In the event of contracting COVID within 24 hours before the lesson is due to start, package holder must write in and submit a video recording of a positive swab test, with date stamp. The studio will do a once-off waiver on the cancellation policy. Once-off waiver is not applicable if the participant is not the package holder.
9. All sales are final and non-refundable.
10. Package holder may write in to to transfer the class/es to another person subject to an admin fee.
11. Studio space for private classes are assigned based on availability at the point of booking. Any specific request for private rooms will incur an additional $80 fee per session. 



1. What happens to the packages bought before 30 March 2022?
- They remain dual category classes until they have been redeemed or expire. 
2. Can I buy the private packages today till 1 May and use it for choreography privates? 
- Packages bought from 30 March to 1 May will be considered Technique Private Class and cannot be used for Choreography Private Classes
3. What if I'm already enrolled in a Choreography Group Term Class and would like to sign up for private lessons to brush up the choreography & techniques? 
- We love how hardworking you are! You may purchase private passes at tech private rates to do choreography only if: 

1) you are already signed up to the corresponding term class AND 
2) you are attending the private on your own OR
3) you are attending the private with max two other individuals who are also signed up in the same term and genre.

For example: If you are signed up to Diva 4 term class, you may purchase privates at tech private rates to go through the Diva 4 choreography by yourself, or with 2 other classmates in Diva 4.

4. What if I just want to do a workshop choreography that is not a full routine and does not require 3 hour commitment?
- For workshop choreograpies, you will be able to purchase a single hour choreography class. Please write in to with the choreography title.

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