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Mando Exo Workshop - 桃花诺 by G.E.M

Mando Exo Flow Class with Kayla: Elevate Your Dance Experience!

Step into the world of dynamic and captivating dance with our Exo Flow Class led by the phenomenal Kayla. This class is designed for students who have already completed Exo 1 or higher, ready to take their skills to the next level.

Class Highlights:

🌟 Choreography and Artistry: In this intermediate-to-advanced class, you'll dive into intricate choreography that combines fluidity, grace, and a dash of sensuality. Unleash your artistic expression and storytelling through dance.

💃 Flawless Flow: Explore the art of seamless transitions and movements that are designed to make your dance routine appear effortlessly fluid. Kayla will guide you through each step, helping you achieve a polished flow.

🪄 Performance Techniques: Learn how to engage with your audience, tell a compelling story, and project confidence and charisma during your dance performances.

🎵 Diverse Music Styles: Our Exo Flow Class offers a range of music styles, from sultry and slow to high-energy beats, ensuring an exciting and engaging dance experience.


🩰 Intermediate Level: This class is suitable for Exo 2 students and above, and it's perfect for those who are looking to challenge themselves and continue to grow as dancers.

Class Details: 16 & 23 Nov 

Attire: Comfortable clothing and heels (knee pads are recommended). Comfort is key.

Song: 桃花诺 by G.E.M

Pre-requisite: Completed EXO 1

Cost: $40/ workshop
Date: 16 Nov (Part 1) & 23 Nov (Part 2)

Time: 7.55pm - 8.55pm

Workshop: Image
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