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Exo 1 Workshop - Playground by Bea Miller

Beginners Exotic Dance Class with Kayla: Unleash Your Inner Confidence!

Class Highlights:

🌟 Unleash Your Confidence: Kayla will guide you through a series of dance movements and techniques that promote self-confidence and body positivity. This class is designed to make you feel amazing in your own skin.

💃 Dance Like Nobody's Watching: This is your space to let go, have fun, and express yourself through movement. Learn the art of fluid and seductive dance while grooving to captivating beats.

💄 Sensuality and Empowerment: Explore the world of exotic dance with a focus on sensuality, empowerment, and embracing your femininity. You'll discover your unique and alluring style.

🎵 Diverse Music Selection: Our class features a diverse selection of music, from sultry R&B to sassy pop, ensuring an exciting and engaging dance experience.

🎓 Course Structure: Kayla will start with the basics, including body isolations, floor work, and pole flow. As the course progresses, you'll build on these foundational skills, incorporating them into a captivating dance routine.

🩰 No Experience Necessary: This class is perfect for beginners with no prior Exo dance experience. Kayla's teaching style is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Course Details: 7 (Part 1) & 14 Nov (Part 2) (same choreography, progressive)

Instructor: Kayla

Attire: Comfortable clothing and heels (knee pads are recommended)

Song: Playground by Bea Miller

Pre-requisite: Completed BB Diva

Cost: $40/ workshop
Date: 7 Nov (Part 1) & 14 Nov (Part 2)

Time: 7.55pm - 8.55pm

Workshop: Image
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