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Exo Flow Workshop - Be Alright by Dean Lewis 

Exo Flow Class with Kayla: Embrace the Art of Dance!

Are you ready to elevate your dance journey? Join us for the Exo Flow Class, an enchanting dance experience led by the phenomenal Kayla. This class is perfect for students who have successfully completed EXO 1 and beyond, ready to take their skills to the next level.

Class Highlights:

🎵 Choreography to "Be Alright" by Dean Lewis: Get ready to move to the soulful and emotive beats of "Be Alright." Kayla will guide you through a captivating dance routine that combines grace, emotion, and the power of storytelling.

💃 Fluidity and Grace: Explore the art of seamless transitions, fluid movements, and the beauty of dance expression. Kayla's expert guidance will help you master the art of graceful flow.

🪄 Performance Techniques: Learn the art of engaging with your audience, conveying emotions through dance, and projecting confidence on the dance floor. Every move tells a story.

📅 Two-Part Series: This class is divided into two parts. Part 1 is on November 21st, and Part 2 is on November 28th. Each class will build on the previous one, allowing you to dive deep into the choreography.

⏰ Class Time: Join us at 7:55 PM for an evening filled with dance, creativity, and self-expression.

Class Details:

Instructor: Kayla
Attire: Heels & Kneepads

Song: Be Alright by Dean Lewis 

Pre-requisite: Completed EXO 1

Cost: $40/ workshop
Date: 21 Nov (Part 1) & 28 Nov (Part 2)

Time: 7.55pm - 8.55pm

Workshop: Image
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