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Term 5 Playlist

21 Aug to 15 Oct

Performance Week 9 to 15 October

BB Diva

Cross My Heart I Hope You Die By Meg Smith

Choreo: Beka

Diva 1

Leave (Get Out) By Jojo

Choreo: Julz

Diva 2

We're Not Gonna Take It By Twisted Sister

Choreo: Xtina

Diva 3

Cry Me A River by Tommee Profit & Nicole Serrano

Choreo: Molly

Diva 4

Take Me To Church By Hozier 

Choreo: Beka

Diva 5

I See Red By Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Choreo: Von

Diva von Tease

All The Time By Jeremih, Lil Wayne, Natasha Mosley

Choreo: Molly

Diva Star by Quan Bui

My Love (Feat T.I) By Justin Timberlake, T.I.

Exo 1 Wk1-4

Desperado by Rihanna 

Choreo: Amor

Exo 1 Wk5-7

I Feel Like I'm Drowining By Two Feet 

Choreo: Julz

Exo 2 Wk1-4

All The Things She Said By Ponette 

Choreo: Beka

Exo 2 Wk5-7

See You Again By Charlie Puth

Choreo: Beka

Lyrical 1 & 2

Gravity By Sara Bareilles

Choreo: Amor & Xtina

Mandopole 1 & 2

最长的电影 By Jay Chou

Choreo: Van & Von

Pole Strap

Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus 

Choreo: Molly & Xtina

Seasonal Mini Terms Wk 1-4

Floorplay - Karma By Summer Walker (Julz)

Strxpper Pole - Put It On Me By Matt Maeson (Molly)

Heels Classique - Poison by Tarja (Von)

Sensual Lyrical Cola By Lana Del Ray (Von)

Seasonal Mini Terms Wk 5-7

EXO PUMP - Cha Cha Cha by Kaarija (Xtina)

Movement Play - Wk 5-8 

(Explore musicality and body movement to a set of moves and make it YOURS.)

Sensual Lyrical - Wk 5-8

Like Her Too By Mario, Sabrina Claudio (Von)

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